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In the winter of 2015 a group of hockey friends sat around talking. In-house had ended but there was something special about this group; a bond had formed, and many expressed the desire to try to keep this team together. Their question: Could this tournament team stay together like family AND play hockey? In stepped Howard Drymon, Jr. His offer to coach this small band of hockey enthusiasts quickly began to take shape into something much more.

The team not only began to grow but began to win…win games, win tournaments. What started as a seed of thought grew into a tree of vision. What if Hockey could be like this always? Family life and Hockey life. That 1 tournament team quickly grew to 3; and the Ontario Moose family was born. In July 2017, the Ontario Moose joined SCAHA and our inaugural season became one for the record books. What began as a group of 13 players in the locker room soon melded into a family with 100 members and growing.

Now with 7 teams our values remain as strong as the day we began.

Family. Community. Respect. Our goal: Develop the whole player with hockey skills and life skills.

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