As we look ahead to the future of Ontario Moose Hockey we know that we desire to grow into a club that is a mainstay in the community of Ontario, CA. This community has been good to us and we want to leave a legacy here and see our children give back in the ways that the Ontario Ice Skating Center has been doing for the past 60 years. The Center, a landmark of this community, has been operating continuously for the public's enjoyment for the last six decades. 

It’s in this close knit community that the newest generation of champions is being born.   It’s a place that has turned many a youngster into a world class athlete. But even with all this talent the years have taken its toll on our beloved rink and it’s time to give back and give The Ontario Ice Skating center a restoration that is worthy of its calling.
So, it’s with great excitement that we begin this campaign; raising money to rebuild, restore and renew our rink from top to bottom.  With these funds raised we aim to add new boards and new locker rooms; paint the entire facility and modernize the refrigeration system to keep up with the demands of regulations in the industry. Probably most exciting for our hockey family will be the addition of a new scoreboard! But our biggest goal is to give many future champions a place to learn and grow and call home. 


Donations through GOFUNDME are tax deductible and any and all amounts are appreciated. Small gifts go a long way when done with heart, so thank you!